Dreamhack Open

Major Tournaments

Overview & General Info

DreamHack, which was launched way back in 1994, is a well-developed Esports circuit of seven LAN events across Europe and America, featuring some of the CSGO top teams and players in the world. Much more than just a gaming competition, DreamHack events feature live music and electronic arts displays and competitions, in addition to Esports tournaments. The world’s fastest internet connection at the time, as recognised by the Guinness Book of Records, could have been found at the 2012 DreamHack in Sweden. Although that record was surpassed by The Gathering in Norway later that same year, it really put a marker down as to the kind of high quality facilities and entertainment that DreamHack could offer to Esports fans, and the wider community.

First held in Malung, Sweden, DreamHack first expanded across Europe, with events taking place in Stockholm and Jönköping, Sweden, as well as in Tours, France, Bucharest and Cluj, in Romania. Later, it would also host events in Valencia, Spain, as well as London, England and Leipzig, Germany. In 2016, the DreamHack concept packed its bags and started travelling around North America too. DramHack events now take place in Austin, Atlanta, Denver and other US cities. The Canadian city of Montreal was visited for the first time in August 2016.

Dreamhack Open 2017

Attracting audiences of well over 20,000 people, each DreamHack event takes place over a weekend, and takes up a lot of space. Ice hockey rinks, event centres, and many other massive venues have hosted DramHack events. Sleeping accommodation is provided to many of the event’s customers, simply because the event is so popular. It has certainly come a long, long way from its roots as a gathering of digital enthusiasts in a school basement in Sweden. In 2015, the Modern Times Group bought the concept in its entirety for 244 million Swedish Kroner, which shows just how far DreamHack had progressed after 20 years of existence.

It continues to go from strength to strength, producing some of the most fascinating and interesting contests in Esports, particularly in its CSGO tournaments. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the CSGO highlights of the DramHack phenomenon.

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Teams & Players That Compete

DreamHack runs eight CSGO tournaments throughout the year, spanning summer and winter. Each tournament boasts a prize pool of $100,000, with $50,000 going to the winning team, $20,000 to second place, and $10,000 each to the third and fourth placed teams. Eight teams play in each tournament, divided into two groups of four. After an initial double elimination group phase, where the four teams in each group play two of the other teams, the first two teams in each group qualify for the play-off phase.

With that kind of prize money on offer, there is little wonder that some of the best CSGO teams on the planet compete at DreamHack. The most recent edition of the event, in January 2017, at Leipzig, there was a host of talent on show. Group A was won by Heroic, who beat Team LDLC.com into second place. Fnatic Academy came third, and qwerty fourth. Group B was won by FlipSid3 Tactics, with BIG coming second. Vega Squadron were third, and Rogue fourth.

Some of the world’s top CSGO players have also featured at the DreamHack events, winning big money in the process. Richard ‘Xizt’ Landström, a Swede who plays CSGO for the Ninjas in Pyjamas team. Xizt has managed to acquire over $76,000 in prize winnings from DreamHack events in his career. Another players who has done well from the DreamHack prize pool during his career is Poland’s Fillip Kubski, also known as ‘neo’. This star of the Virtus Pro team has won over $602,000 from his success in the DreamHack series. Another star of the CSGO DreamHack circuit is Frenchman Vincent ‘Happy’ Schopenhauer, a rifler for team EnVyUs, whose earnings from DreamHack currently exceed $423,000.

Previous Results & Prizes

The CSGO DreamHack 2017 series has so far taken in two events, in Las Vegas in February – the DreamHack Masters – and in Leipzig in January. After Leipzig, the final standings showed FlipSid3 Tactics in first place, taking home a prize pot of $50,000, and beating BIG in the final.

In Las Vegas, the usual format of the competition was altered, with 16 teams competing in four groups of four. This expanded format generated plenty of excitement, with most of the world’s top CSGO teams competing for prizes. Vistus Pro took home the $200,000 first prize in the final standings, with their ‘Golden Five’ Polish players seeing off the opposition. SK Gaming secured second place, with North, the eSports team who are part of football club FC Copenhagen, and Astralis finishing in third and fourth. SK Gaming took home a cool $100,000 for their second place, while North and Astralis went home with $50,000 each.

Prior to the CSGO DreamHack 2017 series of events, 2016 also saw some exciting and interesting contests, between great teams like Gambit eSports, who won the Winter event in Jönköping, Sweden, taking home the $50,000 first prize. They beat Renegades in the final, with Team Kinguin and Godsent taking home $10,000 each for their third and fourth placed finishes. Second prize for the Renegades was $20,000. Also in 2016, in September, was the Bucharest edition of DreamHack. Virtus Pro were again the winners, with their Polish stars ensuring that the Russian-backed financial giants of eSports won yet more loot, with the $50,000 first prize ending up in their wallets. Cloud 9 took second place, and $20,000, with Team Dignitas and Team EnVyUs winning $10,000 each for making up the remaining places in the top four of the event.

As the Las Vegas event shows, DreamHack is a series which continues to go from strength to strength, generating more and more drama and excitement, as well as revenue, each year. With all of the world’s top CSGO gamers taking part at some stage, the upcoming editions in Austin, Texas, Tours, France and the summer event in Jönköping promise some really gripping action.