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G2 Esports is a world premier esports club based in Madrid. Founded in 2013 by Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez, a former star LoL player, the club house is a stunning Madrid mansion welcoming players and managers under one roof.

G2 is huge on social media presence, with 750,000+ Facebook fans and 200,000+ Twitter followers combining with player streams on Reddit, Twitch and other platforms reaching over 21 million fans. Currently 12th in world standings, the recent announcement of a new all-French line-up of superstars and veteran CSGO players has the world of CSGO believing the G2 Esports CSGO team is only going to climb the ladder this year.

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Highlights / Strengths

In February G2 Esports announced the signing of three incredible French players from Team EnVyUs; kennyS, apex, and NBK-. They join shox and bodyy on team G2 Esports, which means this is the first time that two of the greatest French players in CSGO, shox and kennyS, will be teaming up. No wonder they’re already calling it the French Revolution.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

“Dress like the best or get naked like the rest” is the headline in G2 Esports store. You can buy your team jersey here but why be satisfied with that when you can get a G2 pillow, keyring, or for the real dedicated gamer fan, an exclusive G2 Esports branded chair for home, office or the authentic G2 gaming experience.
G2 Esports have a really classy logo; A samurai helmet with a highly stylised G2 forming the mask. Current G2 Esports sponsors include eNgage, Boomeo, KINGUIN, Vodafone, NEEDforSEAT, HYPERX and paysafecard.

Team Roles / Expertise

The new French superteam is making waves in CSGO. Shox is a veteran player, team captain and in game leader, with an incredible 1.13 rating. Combined with kennyS, one of the great CSGO AWPers, this is a deadly combo. Bodyy has great in-game knowledge and is impressing already as a sublime rifler. ApEX is another French veteran, playing entry fragger roles since 2009. Reliable yet explosive, he’s an ever-present threat. Finally, NBK- already has two major crowns and has been integral in pretty much every top French team as a key support rifler.


The current all-French superteam roster at G2 Esports is shox, kennyS, NBK, apEX, and bodyy. The new French Revolution has yet to make a real impact in CSGO. But looking back on the team’s achievements you see a steady improvement in Major and Premier tier tournaments. Most recently this was a 2nd place in the Northern Arena 20167 – Montreal tournament, 2nd in StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2. But nothing beats their victory in June 2016s Esports Championship Series Season 1 Finals, beating Luminosity Gaming 2-0 to net a huge $250,000 prize money.
But, as they say, the past is the past. This newly built French superstar team is all about looking to the future. And all the smart money tells us that G2 Esport CSGO Team’s future looks very bright indeed.