Who’s Most Likely To Make It Through The ELEAGUE Legends Stage?


Now that the Challenger Stage is over, we can start to make predictions about who’s most likely to make it through the ELEAGUE Legends stage this weekend.

Whether you’re here to make bets or simply want to know which matches are worth watching, take a look at our thoughts on which teams will be in or out of the Major after this weekend is over

Weeding Out The Weakest Teams

Some of the teams for this event’s Legends Stage have worked very hard to earn themselves a qualifying spot. Whilst it’s safe to say that some of these up-and-coming teams have done well relatively speaking, they’re really going to struggle now that the competition is getting fiercer.



First up is Quantum Bellator Fire and Liquid. The latter only had the chance to get into the Legends stage because 100 Thieves dropped out and their opposition was relatively tame. QB.Fire, on the other hand, is yet to prove themselves against top-tier teams.

The Most Likely Winners

Now that we’ve weeded out the two weakest teams, there’s this unfamiliar middle ground of teams from different levels of competitive CS:GO. Let’s first look at the teams that are most likely to move through to the next stage before we take a look at the harder to predict teams.


sk world champions csgo eleague legends stage



SK is the most solid team right now – there’s no denying their victory during this stage. We wouldn’t be surprised if they shoot into the Champions stage with a 3-0 score line.


FaZe looked a little shaky to begin with, but they pulled out ahead in the end. With FaZe’s first matchup being Fnatic, things are looking pretty good straight off of the bat. After that, they’ll only need two more best of one wins.


Cloud9 are on fire right now, and we think they’ll push past into the Champions stage fairly effortlessly.


G2 are another team to watch – they’ve brought their A game this event. If they fall into the loser’s bracket in round 2 after losing to Cloud9, things may even play into their favor.

The Leftover Teams

At this point, trying to determine who will make it into the Challenger stage becomes difficult. We’re left with 10 teams, but only four slots left. We’re really hoping Vega Squadron and Space Soldiers have what it takes to pull out victories, but this may be where they meet their match.

Virtus.Pro have of course been very shaky recently, so we may not see them make it through this event.


virtus pro lose eleague legends stage


We think Astralis has what it takes to get through this next stage, but some questions are placed on returning player Device. Is he fit to play at this level? We’re banking on the fact that he will be. The remaining spots will be left open to North, Mousesports, BIG, Gambit, and NaVi. Ultimately though, some of these teams will have to go home.

With this information laid out, here’s what our predictions are for the eight teams most likely to make it out of the Legends stage, from least likely to most likely. As the list goes down, the confidence in that team making it to the Legends stage drops.

SK, Cloud9, G2, FaZe, Astralis, Gambit, North, NaVi, Mousesports, Fnatic, BIG, Vega, Space Soldiers, Virtus Pro, Liquid


What are your thoughts on our predictions? Do you agree?