Top 5 CS:GO Players


Whether they’re clutching, dominating or carrying, CS:GO is known for its heroes. Individuals who have the potential to flip a game on its head, even when all appears lost. But who are the players which consistently make a difference?

While things change all the time, and opinions may vary,  here’s our five best players that have graced the scene in November.

No.5 – Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom

scream-csgo-playerThe headshot machine himself. “ScreaM” is the Belgian with the bullseye aim on everybody’s lips. The EnVyUs rifler has performed fantastically for his team since joining in early 2017.

Unfortunately his team EnVyUs can’t find its place at the moment, with the outfit normally eliminated from most top-level events in the early stages.. And so, while ScreaM is performing, it may be worth avoiding EnVyUs until they can find their footing again.

No.4 – Kenny “KennyS” Schrub

kennys-csgo-playerProbably the most famous French AWPer in the professional scene, KennyS has been a dominant figure in CS since the days of CS:Source. While he’s not carrying his team, as we’ve seen in the past, he might well improve again in the future – and so he’s worth keeping an eye on.

G2 have experienced a rough patch of late, and they’ve had a hard time trying to advance in tournaments (i.e IEM Oakland, where the were eliminated at the group stage). While disappointing, Kenny was at the top of the scoreboard on nearly every map. 

For anyone who wants to place a bet on G2, you might want to hold it back a bit until G2 comes returns to their usual winning ways.

No.3 – Alexander “s1mple” Kostyliev

s1mple-csgo-playerThe 20 year-old Ukrainian talent hasn’t been in the professional CS Scene as long as our previous two players, but during his time in Liquid and later at Na’Vi, he’s certainly made headlines.

Regarded by many as the player who carries his team throughout nearly every game, even if they lose, his performances have been better than many. Right now his team, Na’Vi, is apparently taking some time off in order to practice with their new acquisition “electronic”. Let’s hope they sort things out quickly.

No.2 – Marcelo “coldzera” David

coldzera-csgo-playerAfter winning the best player of the year award in 2016, Coldzera is still managing to shock everyone with his amazing passive playstyle, and the ability to play second AWP together with “Fallen”.

Cold’s amazing gameplay has also lead his team SK to many victories, starting from 2016 in Luminosity, all the way to recent tournaments such as the EPICENTER. Although there is no such thing as “safe bet”, if you are planning to put money on him to perform more like he did before, this might be as close as you get to one, at least at the group stage.

No.1 – Nikola “NiKo” Kovač

niko-csgo-playerLast but certainly not least, the Bosnian legend himself. “NiKo” has been the most dominant player in the scene since his arrival at FaZe, and especially after their acquisition of the two star players “Guardian” and “Olofmeister”. This combination of legends allowed NiKi to quickly find his pace, leading the teams to many victories since then.

Whether FaZe are better than SK Gaming is a debate for another time, and we will probably have to see them playing against each other to truly find out — but until then, FaZe will remain the dominant team, and certainly worth a bet.