iBUYPOWER Masters 2017: After-Event Analysis


Cloud9 has won the iBP Masters event after defeating Renegades. While a result many expected, what did the tournament say about each one of the eight teams who participated?


Background On the Tournament

Eight teams were divided into two groups with four teams each. On group A, both Renegades and Cloud9 managed to qualify after being the two teams on top after defeating Luminosity and NRG. On group B, It was Liquid and Optic who came out winning against Misfits and CLG.

Fast forward to the playoffs, and it was Cloud9 and Renegades who ended up winning against the two other qualifying teams (Liquid and Optic: 2-1 and 2-0 respectively).

The finals were a bit more decisive though; Cloud9 came out on top after winning both games against the Renegades (16-6 and 19-16), and claimed the $50,000 main prize.

What Does It Mean For the Teams?

Luminosity: After losing both games (8-16 vs Renegades and 17-19 vs NRG), they were the first team to be eliminated from group A. This performance might be a little alarming, but considering their previous performance against teams who are allegedly better, this tournament might have just been a hiccup.

NRG: The second team eliminated from group A after the decider (9-16 vs C9), NRG once again performed quite badly, proving it is hard for them to play against the top-tier teams.

Counter-Logic Gaming: The first team to be removed from group B after losing both games (13-16 vs Optic and 7-16 vs Misfits). And although having a similar round balance to Luminosity, their fate might be closer to NRG – they are still not ready to play at a Valve-sponsored event.

Misfits: Although being one of the teams with the lowest expectations, the Misfits managed to get a pretty good round balance (-1) — even if they didn’t manage to qualify for the playoffs. They might also be under-performing a little, but it is almost certain they will improve as they get more fame and experience in the big leagues.

Optic: The not-so-American team have managed to pull themselves into the semifinals, but finally lost 2-0 to Renegades (Both games 7-16). But do they really perform as people expected from them? No – based on their individual skill level they are supposed to be a lot better. Is it because the roster is relatively new, or could there be a lack of team chemistry? Maybe, but we will have to wait and see.

Liquid: The second semifinal team to be eliminated, Liquid has lost to Cloud9 with a pretty close 2-1 (16-3, 5-16 and 16-11). The team was thought to be a semifinal/final team, and haven’t disappointed. Note that one day after the tournament, the team benched stanislaw and brought in steel from Immortals. Will he be a good addition? We will have to wait and see.

Renegades: The runner-up team had a relatively great run before the finals, and were expected to walk out with silverware against C9 in the group stage. The team is way better than what they used to be a couple of months ago, and are expected to surprise us all in the future.

Cloud9: The champions of the tournament were thought to win the event, and they haven’t disappointed. The team is currently set to win the largest-scale events planned, and who knows – they might achieve that goal.

Lacking shocks, but still great value for money

Although not being so surprising, the iBP Masters event was still great to watch. If you are planning to put money on teams in next events, you should put your eyes on C9 and Renegades; they performance might be as dominating in other events just like this one.