ELEAGUE Boston Major Challenger Stage – Our Predictions


The ELEAGUE Boston Major Challenger Stage will be starting on January 12 and will continue through the weekend. In this article, we take a look at the matchups expected in this event and provide some sound predictions.

Keep in mind that these matches will be best of ones, so take our advice with a grain of salt, especially in the latter rounds.

ELEAGUE Boston Major Challenger Stage - Our Predictions First stage CS:GOThe Challenger Stage First Round Predictions

We now know the group pools and first round matches for the ELEAGUE Challenge Stage. We’ll provide our predictions for each of these matches below.

Vega Squadron vs Renegades

This will be a difficult matchup to predict, but it leans slightly in the favor of Renegades. The Aussie team has had far more experience in events like this, so calm nerves will hopefully be on their side.

Mousesports vs AVANGAR

Mousesports is the clear winner here – they have far more experience, both as individual players and as a team playing together.

FaZe vs Team Liquid

A surefire win for FaZe, FaZe are the top two team right now and rarely have difficulty facing up against NA teams.

FlipSid3 vs Misfits

We’d suggest avoiding this matchup. It very slightly leans in the Misfits favor but in a best of one it’s too hard to predict.

Sprout vs Space Soldiers

On paper, this should easily go in the way of Space Soldiers, but there’s concern over both of these team’s lack of experience in Major events. Be careful with this one.

NaVi vs Quantum Bellator Fire

This should be a quick and easy win for NaVi.

G2 vs Flash Gaming

G2 are very formidable right now. Flash gaming also have two benched players on their team, so this is easily G2’s game.

Cloud9 vs EnVyUs

This should go in the way of Cloud9, but it’s not necessarily going to be an easy game for them.

Round 2 Predictions

In round 2, the winners of the first game will go up against each other, whilst the losers will face it out against the other losers. We cannot work out individual matchups, but we can however pick out the most likely winners of each group.

ELEAGUE Boston Major Challenger Stage - Our Predictions Faze CsgoThe Winner Group

FaZe, G2, Cloud9 and Navi are teams you’ll want to put your chips on during this group. Other teams that may fall into this group are going to be a riskier choice.

The Loser Group

At this point, we see some very clear potential winners for the loser group. The loser of the Cloud9/EnVyUs matchup will do well here. Team Liquid will also perform well in this group. The loser of the Misfits/FlipSid3 game is also worth watching.

Round 3 Predictions

In round 3, the groups will split off into three pools – the 1-1 pool will have eight teams, the 2-0 pool will have four teams, as will the 0-2 team.

ELEAGUE Boston Major Challenger Stage - Our Predictions G2 Csgo2-0 Group

At this point, we imagine FaZe may go up against G2, Cloud9 or NaVi – they should have no issue taking a third win.

The other matchup in the 2-0 group will be interesting. We would put a coin on G2 or Cloud9 if they go up against Navi. If it’s a Cloud9 vs G2 game, we’d suggest giving it a miss.

The Other Groups

It’ll be hard to predict the majority of games in the 1-1 and 0-2 groups until we know the matchups. We do, however, think Flash gaming and Quantum Bellator Fire may have difficulty against any of their matchups. Keep a close eye on Space Soldiers – they’re likely to do well against most of their games if they fall into the 1-1 group.

Round 4-5 Predictions

Once again, it becomes harder to predict who will pull out wins this late in the stage without seeing the matchups. We can, however, predict which teams will be dropped out of the tournament and which teams will qualify for the next stage. They are ranked from most likely to least likely.

ELEAGUE Boston Major Challenger Stage - Space Soldier
The Dropouts
  • Flash Gaming
  • Sprout
  • Quantum Bellator Fire
  • Vega Squadron
  • Renegades
  • Team Liquid
  • EnVyUs
The Qualifiers
  • FaZe
  • Cloud9
  • G2
  • NaVi
  • Mousesports
  • Space Soldiers
  • FlipSid3
  • Misfits


What are your thoughts on these predictions? Will you consider betting on any of these matches in the Boston Major Challenger Stage?