CS:GO Skin Guide: Know Your Basics



Everyone can agree that the guns in CS:GO are pretty well designed, both in modeling and texturing, but isn’t it a bit boring to see the same weapon paint job every time? In mid 2013, Valve has released their newest update: the Arms Deal, adding a collection of different skins for all weapons in-game (and even introducing 2 new weapons – the M4A1-S and the USP-S). Since then, many more skins were released to the public, both created by Valve’s artists or the CS:GO community itself.

But the skins aren’t created equal – some are common and some insanely rare!

First, Basic Rarity

If you even unboxed a weapon case, or just recieved a weapon drop after going up a level, you might have noticed there are a number of different color groups for skins, they are not random, but they usually refer to how rare/expensive the weapon is:

WHITE (Consumer Grade)The most common/cheap weapon skins there are. They usually cost around 5 cents and can be easily gotten in a drop after leveling up.

LIGHT BLUE (Industrial)Although it does count as being less common than consumer grade, industrial grade weapons are also pretty cheap, and can be received with a bit of luck 😉

BLUE (Mil-Spec)When opening a case, this is the most common type of skin people get, it is noticeably less common than previous grades, but unless a skin is special in any way, the price revolves around 0.5$ to 5$. At this point, the skins do actually look more unique and tasteful.

PURPLE (Restricted)Another step up, restricted skins are around the same level as mil-spec (although better), the price goes up, and the quality of the look goes up with it.

PINK (Classified)Usually the best type of skin you can get in a drop (although chances are EXTREMELY low), classified skins are a major step-up from previous grades, a property also seen in the prices, as they started to get over 20$.

RED (Covert)Highest grade for firearms there is, there are only 2 in every case, and chances of getting one is less than 5%. At that point prices can go as high as hundreds and even thousands (!) of dollars.

GOLD (Exceedingly Rare)If by any chance (less than 0.5%) you unbox a knife off a weapon case, it will be of “exceedingly rare” grade. Prices start from around 100$ all the way to 2000$.

Weapon Wear

When you unbox any weapon skin (except vanilla knives), it will come in 1 out of 5 different wear ranges: Factory-New, Minimal Wear, Field-Tested, Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred.

Each wear value has it’s own effect on the price of the skin, but usually newer-looking values (FN or MW) are paid for the most, although some exceptions are made if a certain weapon looks better worn out (i.e AK-47 Wasteland).

Stat-Trak, Souvenir and Contraband

When you unbox a weapon case, there is a 1 out of 5 chance the weapon you will be getting has a Stat-Trak feature; when playing with the skin, it will count the number of kills you make with the weapon, and obviously pull the price of the skin higher than usual.

If you open a Souvenir case, you will receive a souvenir skin inside it – except having the name “Souvenir”, the skin will feature 4 golden stickers, featuring a logo of the major event it was dropped in, the 2 teams playing in a game, and the MVP player in the round the case was dropped in (souvenir cases only drop to CS:GO major viewers after every round). Although many skin traders refrain from trading souvenir weapons, those skins are more valuable than non-souvenir ones.