Betting Guide For The WESG 2017 Thailand LAN Qualifier


With the big events of the year now out of the way, it’s time to look at the smaller events and see what bets can be made towards the end of the year.

One of the tournaments that has caught our eye is the WESG 2017 Thailand LAN qualifier. The event will be streamed on the FPSThailand Twitch channel, so there’s an opportunity to tune in on the games you’ve bet on.

The teams taking part in the tournament are relatively unknown, so there’s a lot of room for upsets here. Let’s take a look at the teams below and find out which teams are most likely to win.

The Teams Participating

In total, there are eight teams participating in this event. 4 of the teams were invited, whilst 4 of the teams qualified through other events.

who to bet on 2017 thailand lanThis qualifier event will qualify the winning team for the Asia Pacific finals for WESG, so all of the teams are going to try their hardest at a chance to prove themselves on a larger stage.

Here are the teams:

  • Beyond Esports – Invited
  • Signature Gaming – Invited
  • Made in Thailand – Invited
  • NSPR Gaming – Invited
  • AttackAllAround – Qualified
  • Lucid Dream – Qualified
  • OneGodLike – Qualified
  • PowerAce – Qualified

Who To Bet On In the WESG 2017 Thailand LAN Qualifier

Knowing who to bet on in the Thailand LAN qualifier for WESG 2017 is difficult because there is such little information to go off of. We’d suggest not betting on specific teams during the first few stages, and instead bet against certain teams.


The event will start with a quarter final on December 22nd – all eight teams will be paired with an opponent and the winner of each pair will move onto the semi finals. After that, the four remaining teams will be paired up again until there are just two winners which will then move onto the grand finals.

During the semi finals and quarter finals, we’d say that it would be wise to bet against Lucid Dream, especially if they go up against any of the invited teams. Lucid Dream will be getting a stand-in for this event.

It’s also a fairly safe option to bet against all of the qualified teams. They’re very inexperienced when compared to teams like Signature, Beyond Esports, and NSPR.

When it comes to picking a winner, we’d say that Signature and Beyond are currently standing out as the teams to take the win so far. Signature and Beyond have certainly had the most exposure to competitive events in CS:GO, and they’ve managed to pull in wins against Made In Thailand, NSPR, and other Thai teams.

If either Beyond or Signature made it to the grand final, we’d put a bet on them winning it. If both Beyond and Signature went up against each other in the grand final, it’d be a pretty risky bet to make on either team. Their matchups in the past have been incredibly back and forth.

Hopefully, you can find this information useful for when you tune in to the WESG 2017 Thailand LAN qualifier.